With Jennifer Jones Gone, Who’s Left?


I adored the chipmunk-cheeked Jennifer Jones, who was sublime in The Song of Bernadette, but also shone in neglected gems like Portrait of Jennie and Beat The Devil, and whose life was so richly dramatic it would have made a great David O. Selznick movie.

And now that she’s bye-bye, the only huge screen icons left from that age bracket are the still-feuding sisters Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine.

A friend and I have a theory that, out of sheer spite, neither of these two Oscar winners will croak until the other one does.

We even picture an elaborate scenario whereby they call each other’s residences every day to see if sis is still breathing.

Adding a hint of Romeo and Juliet to the Baby Jane mix, a neat twist would be if one of them pretended to die just to give the other one the go-ahead to really drop.

God, I’m sick.

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