A Chocolate Cruise from Windstar; Contaminated Foods at Airport Restaurants


Nancy DeBenedittis, the owner of Leo’s Latticini, better known as Mama’s of Corona, passed away earlier this month at age 90. Mama’s was a regular joint for cops, firefighters, sanitation workers, parks employees and other city workers.
[NY Daily News]

Airport restaurants have been cited in the past year for hundreds of food safety violations, including tuna salad being stored at dangerously warm temperatures, raw meat contaminating ready-to-eat foods, rat droppings, and lack of soap for employees’ hands.
[USA Today]

The Canadian government has proposed injecting a cancer-fighting drug into fried foods to counteract a substance that may be carcinogenic. Small amounts of leukemia-fighting asparaginase in potato chips and french fries could reduce acrylamide levels.

Windstar Cruises is planning a chocolate-themed cruise, led by master chocolatier Fran Bigelow. The seven-night trip out of Rome, aboard the 312-passenger Wind Surf, will be offered as of May 2010.
[USA Today]

Does reducing caloric intake really shrink your stomach? Studies suggest yes. Just like repeated intake of large meals, and bingeing in particular, increases stomach capacity.
[NY Times]


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