And the Final Record Review in 2009 Is…Susan Boyle, I Dreamed a Dream! #2.5!


And so the 1000TimesYes Twitter record review project ends, not with a bang but with a Boyle. (What do you want, it’s a holiday week, our A material is on a plane somewhere.) Seriously though Chris, 2009 is wondering why after it made you a viral video star and the go-to representative for music critics on Twitter and even somehow deemed you worthy of a New York Times interview on the eve of completion (to wit: “A Twittering Critic Prepares for the Final Tweet,” which headline you might think of getting tattooed on your bicep), why after all that your final message is an ungrateful “Fuck you, 2009.” Surely you can’t be referring to the fact that all our friends lost jobs and our industry half collapsed. It’s Christmas, we don’t talk about that.

Speaking of which–have a good one! The rest of you, feel free to read the insanely prolific and finally sated Weingarten on the worst music genre trends of the aughts. Or the worst songs of the aughts. Or if you’re looking for something other than endless negativity, here is a nice mixtape he curated for us yesterday. See? Not all bad. Here is what the finish looked like. [1000TimesYes]

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