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New Plan to Defeat Health Care Bill: GOP Lawsuits! | Village Voice

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New Plan to Defeat Health Care Bill: GOP Lawsuits!


It looks like the Democrats might pass some sort of health care bill after all, so the badly outnumbered Republicans are looking at new strategy to block it: make pork illegal.

“Attorneys general in at least 10 states” of a mostly reddish hue, the Times reports, have discussed a legal strategy to challenge the emoluments Nebraska Democratic Senator Ben Nelson received for his health care vote — including a free pass for Nebraska in paying for expanded Medicaid needs, which shortfall, the reasoning goes, will have to be made up by other states.

The Texas AG has issued a statement to that effect: “Texas will join South Carolina and other states in an effort to thoroughly review the constitutionality and legality of the Nebraska Compromise… this backroom deal goes too far and must be challenged because Texas deserves better.”

Candidate for Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens declares, “It is a felony to buy votes in this country. That same prohibition must apply to our legislators.”

New York is unlikely to sue the Obama Administration, but not for want of encouragement from state senate minority leader Dean Skelos, who is calling for Governor Paterson to hop on the bandwagon.

To discourage people from seeing this as the criminalization of politics as practiced every day in these United States, GOP supporters portray the plan as a “Constitutional challenge.” The word is that they’re leaning toward the 10th Amendment as their basis for Constitutional cause.

Thus we may soon be treated to the spectacle of Republicans bringing a civil rights lawsuit to stop health care reform. We look forward to them staging a sit-in in the Halls of Congress, and singing “We Shall Overcome.”



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