Shroud of Turin Debunker Writes Children’s Books


I’m a terrible Catholic and never believed much in the shroud of Turin, especially when I saw a really bad Broadway musical about it in the ’80s. And sure enough, some years ago, N.D. Wilson did a study that proved how through ancient methods the shroud could easily be duplicated today.

Feel free to check out this link and click on “History” to learn about his findings.

On a completely different type of mystical note, Wilson writes the children’s magical fantasy book series 100 Cupboards published by Random House. “Believe it or not,” says the publicist, “Wilson’s books are as big a hit with the parents as they are with the kids…What’s different about this series is that it takes place in America, as opposed to England, where Harry Potter takes place.

“As Wilson puts it, up until now, ‘If you want to have a magical adventure, you have to be from England…BUT NOT ANYMORE!'”

BY the way, I recreated those capital letters using ancient methods.

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