New York

Study: Non-Whites More Likely to Be Arrested for Weed Than Whites


We already know that New York is the Marijuana Arrest Capital of the World, and that the administration of alleged marijuana user Mayor Bloomberg has greatly increased the hassling of users. Now a Queens College study — done by the same guy who tipped us that Bloomberg was a narc, Professor Harry Levine — proves something that you probably already knew intuitively: non-white users of weed are more likely to get busted than white users.

Last year New York cops arrested 40,300 people for possession and whatnot, and 87 percent of them were black or Hispanic. (Doesn’t look like that took a lot of research)…

Bloomberg aide John Feinblatt responds as you might expect: with broken-windows police strategy. “Marijuana arrests — which rarely lead to jail — are concentrated in neighborhoods with the highest concentrations of violent crime because that’s where the police focus their attention in order to reduce victimization.” So if you want to stop murderers and rapists, he’s basically saying, you have to expect that, once in a while, one of your stoner friends will go to the Tombs — particularly if they’re not white. (Try not to get arrested on a weekend; it takes longer to get your DAT and leave.)


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