Susan Boyle Now Making a Run at Taylor Swift for 2009’s #1 in Sales


Yes that’s right America, you’ve purchased a whopping 2,465,000 copies of Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed A Dream in just four short weeks. How close is that to Taylor Swift, industry darling and seemingly uncontested 2009 sales titan? Pretty close! Swift’s Fearless, which actually came out last year, has sold 2,933,000 copies in 2009. Give Boyle another week like this one (she has two chances left in the calendar year), in which she moved 661,000 units–which probably means a lot of moms are getting one–and she could easily take the lead for good.

Speaking of moms, how about Alicia Keys! Her “Empire State of Mind”-boosted The Element of Freedom debuted at #2, selling 417,000 copies, which is a big number in this retail climate. Nice holiday timing. After that it’s usual suspects (Bocelli, Gaga, Underwood) all the way till #9, where Robin Thicke’s Sex Therapy: The Session clocked a cool 123,000. Not so bad for that guy. Where’s Gucci, you ask? Chillin’ at #37, for a two week total of 131,200. Brrr. Next week: Young Money! That should be fun. [Billboard]

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