New Drinking Glass Guesses What You’re Drinking


This new plastic drinking glass can identify at least three beverages, but can it do more?

Gizmodo reports that Serbian designer Damjan Stankovic has come up with a plastic cup that can reveal the variety of beverage that is poured into it.

The way it works, apparently, is through the masking of various frequencies of light reflected by the beverage inside the cup, so that the identification is based purely on color. In other words, if you pour a passion fruit smoothie into the cup, it’s will still be identified as orange juice.

One commentator thanks Gizmodo for reminding him once again that he is color blind. Another complains that the cup is too Coca-Cola centric (indeed, the entire purpose of the cup may be shilling for Coke. If you poured a Pepsi into it, the cup would still erroneously identify it as Coke.)

Still, a pretty nifty idea, and Gizmodo hopes Stankovic finds a manufacturer.

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