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Senate Passes Health Care Bill; Democrats Doomed, Say Rightbloggers | Village Voice


Senate Passes Health Care Bill; Democrats Doomed, Say Rightbloggers


The Senate passed its version of the health care bill this morning on a straight party vote. The bill now has to be reviewed by the House of Representatives and reconciled with its own bill, which will probably take some time, especially as President Obama is now also pushing for a new jobs bill. (Obama tweets his appreciation to the Senate.)

Both legislative and legal challenges to the health care bill are expected. Rightbloggers, as usual, call it a defeat for the Democrats. “This will continue to be an albatross around the neck of Democrats in 2010,” says Hot Air. “This week Democrats have added immeasurably to the Republican case and cause,” says Commentary. The bill is “shaping up as a brawl between the two chambers,” says National Review. Imagine what they’d say if the bill had lost…

In their rage they’re already doing the Obama-Joker thing to pictures of members of the Senate who supported the bill. which Instapundit characterizes as a “fast-spreading Joker epidemic,” as if it were being done by outraged citizens in town squares across America instead of by some crabby bloggers.

Old-timer David Broder is upset that the Democrats didn’t water the bill down sufficiently to gain Republican support, though the degree to which it has been watered down to gain Democratic support is already substantial. “The country would welcome even a few signs that this legislation has bipartisan support,” sighs Broder. Maybe they could have stuck in some faith-based program for snake handlers and carnival healers.


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