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Families, friends swap blame over Long Island City subway stabbing


Friends and loved ones of the man who was stabbed to death in a Long Island City subway station on Thursday and the 16-year-old who stabbed him are facing off in the press over what happened, where it happened, why it happened, and whose fault it was.

According to police, Thomas Winston and his friends followed Cyan Brown, 16, out of a restaurant where some kind of a confrontation, which may or may not have involved groping, took place, and chased her into the 21st-Queensbridge subway station. They dragged her out of a train, and up to the mezzanine of the station, where she stabbed Winston in the chest and broke away. His friends left him, followed her back into the station, and tried unsuccessfully to pull her off a Manhattan-bound F train.

A named witness confirmed at least the part of this version of the story that took place in the subway to the Daily News.

Friends of Winston’s who say they were at the scene are telling a different story to the Times. According to them, Winston was stabbed in a restaurant after whatever happened there (between six to eight grown men and a sixteen-year-old girl. Just saying). In this version, the crowd of (six to eight, mind you) men followed her into the subway to keep her from escaping.

Understandably, this version concentrates heavily on Winston’s dream of being a rapper and the ten-month old daughter a relative was raising for him rather than his multiple drug and weapons arrests and a pending charge of attempted murder.

The aunt who was raising his child and another relative who spoke to the News have a third version, in which Winston was shopping for a christmas gift for his daughter and was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cousin Tedra Laws has Winston killed while he was trying to catch a cab, and Brown (the families know each other) as a hothead with a history of casually stabbing people. Another cousin, 16, places Winston inside the restaurant, but provides Brown with a gentleman friend of her own who bumped into someone and started the fight.

Brown, whose mother identified her by name to the press, is reportedly hiding out with relatives in Brooklyn. Erika Brown says the men were attempting to molest her daughter, who was forced to defend herself.

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