Report: Staten Island-based “Jersey Shore” star was a stripper


TMZ is reporting that local hero Mike “I have a pet name for my abdominals” Sorrentino of MTV’s Jersey Shore worked as a lapdancing exotic dancer for a New York- and Jersey-based troupe of male strippers.

Sorrentino, whose heavily-tanned midsection goes by “the Situation,” allegedly worked for the All American Male troupe in 2004. All American Male claims Lisa Maria Presley, Donatella Versace, Isabella Rossellini, Neve Campbell, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jennifer Lopez as customers. They describe their available manflesh as “good looking” with “a great physique… a great entertainer… incredibly sexy yet tasteful and fun.”

I’ve got nothing substantive to say about this. I’m not sure there is anything substantive to say about this. The News went with “fist pumping isn’t this Staten Island native’s only skill.” Call it this weekend’s edition of Jersey Shore trainwreck watch.

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