2009 Claims Another Victim: The Kitchen Club is Set to Close


The carnage of 2009 continues: the Kitchen Club, which has sat on the Southeast corner of Prince and Mott Streets since 1990, will close after New Year’s Eve.

Gael Greene reports that Marja Samsom, who started the Kitchen Club in 1985 as a weekly dinner party in her apartment, has decided to close up shop thanks to “[t]he economic challenges of the past year and a big boost in rent.”

Samsom, a Dutch ex-pat whose distinctive dumplings earned her the title of Dumpling Diva, also opened Chibitini, a small plates spot on Clinton Street that has since closed, and Chibi’s Bar, a sake bar next door to the Kitchen Club; both places were named after her French bulldog.

Samsom wrote in an e-mail to Greene that after closing the Kitchen Club, she’s not entirely sure what she’ll do: “I love cooking and teaching classes. I could audition for television, write a book. One door opens and another closes.”

[Via Eater]


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