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Mark Foley Said to Accuse Max Baucus of Inappropriate Behavior. Stop Laughing.


Even in times of unprecedented national terror, our elected representatives continue to bring the funny. People are circulating a video of Senator Max Baucus, previously seen trying to get his girlfriend a job, and accusing him of being drunk when he addressed the chamber on health care, as evidenced by his slurred speech and support for health care reform. (Update: Baucus denies drunkenness but — questions remain!)

Till recently this was just a whisper campaign, but now a GOP heavyweight has allegedly made his feelings known: former Congressman Mark Foley, whom you may remember from his texts to young fellows around the Capitol and their disastrous effect on 2006 GOP election campaigns.

We can’t locate the Facebook page at which Foley is said to have insinuatingly attacked Baucus for his sexual indiscretions (pffffffft, ‘scuse us), because there are so many Mark Foleys on Facebook who have unaccountably failed to change their names, and it doesn’t sound like the Foley who recently rhapsodized about his bipartisan relationship with a Democratic colleague, but Politico has the story, so it’s golden.

Foley is said to have complained that “they had me run out of town” while the monster Baucus was slurring and sexing his way across Washington.

In other statesman news, Illinois GOP Senate aspirant Andy Martin has suggested that one of the Republicans running against him is gay and has “surrounded himself with homosexuals.”


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