Molinaro Endorses James Oddo for Beep, Heralding New Age of Obscene Staten Island Leadership


Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro, who succeeded Guy Molinari in 2002 and just won a third term, tells the Advance he’d like to be succeeded by local councilmember James Oddo.

“When I make a commitment,” says the Beep, “you can put it in the bank and get interest.”

That should please Oddo, who’s been collecting money for a Beep campaign since 2007.

We approve, and not just because this would break the pattern of Staten Island Borough Presidents with names beginning in Molinar (though if the delightfully ill-spoken Jim Wyne gets back into the race, all bets are off). Neither is it because we like Oddo’s doctrinaire Republican politics. But we love his way of expressing himself.

Oddo recently attacked the New York League of Conservation Voters as “fake, phony frauds” and added, “If they love Mother Earth, they should save the electricity and paper and refrain from e-mailing me or faxing me their opinion. I really don’t give a rat’s climate-induced-changed, warmed-over tuchas what they have to say.” He’s not afraid to yell. (All this In council chambers, yet!)

And as is shown by this classic video — in which Oddo confronts pranksters trying to Borat him and tells them to “get the fuck out of my office before I beat the shit out of you” — the councilmember promises to bring high style and rampant obscenity back to our politics. God knows we could use it.


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