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Obama’s Post-Crotch-Bomber Statement: We’re Doing Things, Stay “Confident,” Etc.


The President was subdued in his post-crotch-bomber address today. In and among the never-give-in-to-terror boilerplate, he informed us that more air marshals have been sent up, that federal and local law enforcement were “working closely” with international partners (It’s another Interpol extraconstitutional coup!), and, seeing as the nut in question was not on a no-fly list, he has ordered a “review” of relevant procedures. He bade citizens “remain vigilant but also be confident,” rather than piss their pants, and went back to get in some golf and maybe see about that ambulance. (Update: Some kid cut his chin.)

Michelle Malkin is — anyone want to guess? — outraged. “Obama doesn’t bother to wear a tie,” she says. “Eyes down on his paper the whole time… He talks about ‘resilience’ as a foreign concept, not something he believes in in his heart.” She also complains that the press op was “bloodless,” no doubt having something far bloodier in mind.



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