New York

Ray Kelly: 2009 May Be New York’s Lowest Major-Crime Year Since 1963


In remarks prepared for today’s graduation exercises for NYPD cadets at the Beacon Theater, Commission Ray Kelly announces that he expects 2009’s final stats will show not only a decline in major crime (murder, rape, robbery etc) for the 19th straight year, but possibly New York’s lowest major crime tally since they started keeping records in 1963.

In preliminary figures for the big categories, only felonious assault show an increase, of two percent. If the numbers hold — and, as today’s Somebody Got Murdered items show, they may not — murders and manslaughters, currently at 457 for 2009, will be down 10 percent, with some precincts, the Times notices, having a grand total on one for the year, so far.

(Not every precinct was so lucky. So far this year, murder in the 75th in East New York is up 35.3 percent from last year, with 23 versus 17 reported. Robbery and grand larceny, though, are down by more than 17 percent.)



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