A Look at the New, Expanded Paris Sandwich


As you may have heard, the banh mi joint Paris Sandwich has expanded from its location on Mott Street to a second, larger shop on Grand Street. New additions include a sweet crepe station, and American heros (including a buffalo chicken baguette) in addition to the lengthy list of Vietnamese sandwiches. There’s also Yolato frozen yogurt, which can be topped with logan berries.

The baking is done on the premises, and includes croissants, pork puff pastry, and various baguettes. The banh mi #1 ($4) is not strong and funky enough for our taste, including only the barest smears of pate and mayo–the sandwich’s strong suit is the baguette, crusty and impossibly light.

To-go containers of various Vietnamese snacks line the counter for easy pick-up. We particularly like the banh beo ($3.75), steamed, jiggy rice cakes topped with mung bean paste, dried shrimp, scallions, and pork. The dish tastes better warm, but this will do for a quick fix.

This garlic-onion baguette ($1.75) probably has a bit of rice flour in the mix–a common practice in Vietnamese baking–to make it so light and fluffy. It’s topped with a sprinkle of cilantro.

And there’s serious fun to be had poking around in the large refrigerator, filled with good stuff to take home. You’ll find homemade pork roll of various sorts, Vietnamese ham and bacon, flan, brilliant yellow “authentic Vietnamese mayonnaise,” pumpkin cake, French cream puffs, pickled vegetable with pigs’ ears, dragon fruit juice, and packets of Laughing Cow cheese, among many other things.

213 Grand Street

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