A Week in the Life of Dinosaur Jr.’s Tour Manager


Those unclear on what tour managers are for exactly might consider reading Interpol/Moldy Peaches/Yo La Tengo road wrangler David Scheid’s testimonial to the New York Times about what he does all day, which basically consists of flying various places on planes. One particularly brutal itinerary, to retrieve a band member’s lost passport? Brussels to Portugal; Vigo to Madrid; Madrid to Dusseldorf; Dusseldorf to Madrid; Madrid to Portugal; Portugal to London. Sheid adds: “By the time I got off the plane in England I was beat and looked a little insane. Which is pretty typical for me.” Points in particular for the photo he snuck in there, which includes in one the Dinosaur Jr. custom Nikes, the Butthole Surfers’ Creamed Corn, an Unsane record, and the requisite battered suitcase. Business section, what’s good? [NYT, via Daily Swarm]

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