Deer Tick’s Wild Year Ends With An Access Hollywood (?!) Co-Sign


So first the Providence proto-folk band picked up the unlikely endorsement of Brian Williams, kicking off the newsman’s “BriTunes” program in a kind of deadpan surrealist interview. Then a cross-dressed John McCauley was a surprise guest on a St. Louis stage, randomly filling in for King Khan & BBQ Show after the duo’s arrest in the wilds of Tennessee on vague drug charges. And now, apparently, McCauley’s band’s Born on Flag Day has joined the lustrous company of David Guetta, Pearl Jam, the Black Eyed Peas, and Alicia Keys as one of the tabloid entertainment-news program Access Hollywood‘s top ten records of the year. Which is uh, really something. A year for the scrapbooks, guys. The only way they’ll’ll top this in 2010 is a Big Brother-style reality TV show in which Deer Tick and Das Racist move in together in the wilds of Minnesota and have to collaboratively raise wild yaks. [Access Hollywood]

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