Fork in the Road’s Beer List Spawns Discussion Thread on ‘Beer Advocate’


Fork in the Road’s recent “Our 10 Best Beers” has spawned a lively discussion thread on Beer Advocate, the website and magazine beloved of many American beer drinkers.

You can read the thread and add your two cents here, but first you must sign up for the website, which is free.

In the course of the discussion, many questions arose, including the preference for dark beers over light, and our particular selection of one example of a brewing style over another, when both were felt to be roughly equivalent. Another commentator praised us for including a couple of sour beers.

Most comments were relatively congratulatory, which is nice, since we’re very fond of Beer Advocate and its readers. Or maybe it’s because beer drinkers are agreeable folks.

Thanks go to our beer consultant Jeremy McNamara for pointing out this thread.

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