Fort Greene’s Lafayette Avenue Gets a New Restaurant


Since this summer, a new restaurant’s been under construction at the corner of Lafayette Avenue and Cumberland Street in Fort Greene. Now, it appears that it’s almost completed.

Located in the space formerly occupied by Tommy’s French Dry Cleaners, EN Restaurant looks, well, fairly large and somewhat formal. And that’s really all that’s known about the place, at least by Fork in the Road, as a call to a number associated with the restaurant went unanswered and no further information seems to be forthcoming. Although there’s a cluster of restaurants around the intersection of Lafayette and Fulton, EN’s closest neighbor on its purely residential stretch of Lafayette is Olea, located two blocks away. It’s hard to say what kind of food EN will bring to the neighborhood, but if outward appearances are anything to go by, it should be serving it sometime in the early part of the new year.


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