Japanese Steak Chain Launches Apology Fetish Website


Oh, the Japanese and their crazy fetishes. First, it was schoolgirls’ underwear, and now a Japanese steak chain is offering the opportunity to see young, hot girls say they’re sorry.

In commemoration of National Apology Day, which was December 10, a Japanese steak chain called Gusto launched a website that features dozens of cute girls apologizing for various acts. (“The other day on the train I gave my seat up, saying ‘please sit down sir.’ Actually it wasn’t an old man, it was an old lady. I’m sorry;” or “I was eating sushi with my friend and put tons of wasabi under hers when she wasn’t looking. Sorry.”) The promo, of course, includes pretty girls apologizing for eating all the steak at dinner. It’s no Windows 7 Whopper, but still quite a catchy campaign.

[via TokyoMango]

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