Mets to Get Jason Bay for 4 Years, $66 Million


Great, someone who’s healthy! Jason Bay, a free agent most recently with the Red Sox, has been signed by the Mets. Last year he batted .276 (he’s a career .280) with 36 homers. He’s 31 and doesn’t hardly have a scratch on him. He runs good. And Eddie Vedder’s a fan!

Also, he has a winning sense of humor. After he got his hand stepped on by Angels catcher Mike Napoli as he scored the winning run in the deciding game of the 2008 ALDS, Bay remarked, “It’s just a tiny little nick, but it hurts when I get champagne in there.” Good copy!

Bay has a four-year, $66-million-dollar deal, and is expected to play left field for New York. In Boston he is replaced by former Met Mike Cameron, and tears. Image via Masshole Sports.



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