Proof That Craig Finn Used To Actually Sing Into the Microphone


Courtesy of Pitchfork, who dug up a live Lifter Puller set from 1997, originally broadcast on St. Cloud State University’s Monday Night Live. Note the way LP frontman Craigh Finn keeps his head in the general vicinity of the microphone–something that kids who came up on Finn’s subsequent band, the Hold Steady, might never have witnessed before. Lest you think the singer was merely worried about posterity, we direct you to the Hold Steady live album, A Positive Rage, on which Finn is quite audibly nowhere near the microphone, recording be damned. Maybe this is ultimately the elusive difference between indie-rock and bar-rock band? Or maybe Craig just got self-conscious in the ensuing decade:

Lifter Puller: Monday Night Live [Pitchfork]

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