Slice’s Top Pizzas of 2009


It must be the end of the decade, because the listicles are piling up like snow drifts. Slice’s pizza maven Adam Kuban has published a slideshow of the top eight pizzas he consumed in 2009. Only two of them are from pizza joints in the five boroughs.

Kuban singles out Motorino’s brussels sprout-pancetta pie, which Our Man Sietsema called “formidably tasty.” Kuban also loved Veloce Pizzaria’s square sausage pie–another pick that Our Man Sietsema would probably agree with, since he called that pizza “particularly fine, with pork that, though lightly spiced, was bursting with flavor.”

Interestingly, Kuban includes a pizza made in Paulie Gee’s backyard oven in Warren, New Jersey, a pie not available to to the public. Gee is planning to open a pizza place in Brooklyn in 2010–something to look forward to, amid all this looking back.

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