(Two) Decades in Food: The Aughties, Remembered


‘Tis the season for round-ups and countdowns. And we’re doubly lucky this year, it being the end of a decade, that we get to look back not just on the last 365 days, but the last 10 years in trends, bests, and worsts. Two publications offer up their aughties round-ups: The Guardian gives us the decade’s worst in food trends, while GOOD counts down the decade, year by delicious year.

The Guardian points the finger at smears (not to be confused with schmears) on plates, small plates, molecular gastronomy, gastropubs, and bloggers as food trends it hopes won’t follow us into the next decade. GOOD recalls how 2000 started with the Sex and the City-fueled cupcake craze, and the following years saw trans fats banned, Freedom fries, the birth of Yelp, the shenanigans of Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, food poisoning epidemics, food porn, cloned meat, and a White House garden.

Sigh. Let the teens begin.

[via ColdMud]


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