What Anita Lo Likes to Do with her Holiday Leftovers


Anita Lo of Annisa and Rickshaw Dumpling Bar is more than just a one Asian-fusion-y trick pony. She also knows her way around a good old-fashioned holiday bird. Last month, she was enlisted by Martha Stewart to man the homemaking maven’s Thanksgiving Hotline, doling out turkey tips to listeners around the country. And now that the holidays are coming to a close, she is here to help you with that freezer full of leftovers. So, what does she suggest you do with your turkey remains?

“Actually, I love a good old fashioned roast turkey sandwich on whole wheat with lots of mayo,” says the former Top Chef Masters contestant. “But here’s some other ideas: turkey mole, steamed buns or mu shu wrappers with hoisin, or turkey pot pie with salsify (a tasty, robust edible flower), chestnuts, thyme and lemon zest.”

A holiday mmmmiracle.

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