A Couple More Round-Ups, Courtesy of the Times and Serious Eats


Two days before the 2010, the Times has delivered its comprehensive round-up of the best things its critics and reporters scarfed down over the course of 2009.

Sam Sifton shouts out his 11 best meals of the year, declaring his love for everything from the classic banh mi at Baoguette to the fusili with red wine-braised octopus and bone marrow at Marea. Mercifully absent from his round-up are allusions to the Ramones or what it’s like to kiss someone in a rock club.

There’s also a list of the best inexpensive restaurants of the year (M&T Restaurant, Saltie, Saraghina, Laut, here’s looking at you), which leads to Serious Eats’s latest round-up: the year in street food.

And what a year it was: turf wars, Twitter, hipster appropriation, Kogi madness, schnitzel.
And that was before Courtney Cox got involved.

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