A Possible Preview of a Preview of Fatty Cue at Fatty Crab(s)


Could this double-smoked pork belly be half a special Fatty ‘Cue dish being served at Fatty Crab on New Years Eve?

A friend and I were hanging out at the uptown Fatty Crab a couple of evenings ago, with the ostensible purpose of comparing the food at the uptown and downtown branches. (Inquiring minds want to know.) “There are five dishes up here,” she said, running her eye up and down the menu as we breathed the rarified air of the Upper West Side, “that we don’t have downtown.”

Three of them were evening specials. The first went by the name of Fatty Devils, and turned out to be deviled eggs. The second was a curried lamb roti, which was designed along the lines of roti canai, with a small bowl of powerful and intriguing curry into which you dipped a very satisfactory flatbread. The third was a strip of smoked pork belly so tasty, it might have been smoked ten times.

This, we contend, is half of one of the three Fatty ‘Cue specials being offered Thursday evening, and it certainly bodes well for the rest of the menu at that long-anticipated barbecue shack.

The lamb roti is another special dishes currently on the Fatty Crab (uptown) menu.

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