Advocate Writer Stabbed To Death


Charlie Sheen‘s household brawl wasn’t the only horrifying occurrence crawling through the chimney on Christmas day this year.

As gay watchdog Rex Wockner alerts me, a 25-year-old man named Michael J. Griffin went to visit a 53-year-old Indiana University assistant professor named Don Belton to confront him over allegedly having sexually assaulted him twice.

Belton–who’d written for the Advocate and edited an anthology on black masculinity–supposedly didn’t show remorse. So Griffin stabbed him to death!

That’s Griffin’s side of the story anyway. We may never know if he was suffering from the old gay panic thing that overtakes so many people conflicted about their own sexuality.

In any case, an entry in Belton’s journal was found and it expressed delight that someone named Michael had entered his life.

Don’t ever write an entry like that!

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