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Post Debunks Post on Tiger Woods | Village Voice


Post Debunks Post on Tiger Woods


In a curious item today, “Tiger Hunt Spurs Tall Tales,” the New York Post‘s Page Six scoffs at the “many rumors of [Woods’] whereabouts.” “The least credible story,” they assert, “is that he’s shacked up with his No. 1 girlfriend, Rachel Uchitel, in Palm Beach, where they’ve been supposedly partying up a storm.” Among the unreliable sources spreading this falsehood: Entertainment Tonight, which “reported Monday that Tiger was holding hands with the club hostess and mingling with 300 guests at a party Sunday night”…

…and, Page Six fails to mention, the Post‘s own Tiger Blog, which yesterday said “Tiger Woods partied with alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel over the holiday weekend, according to reports.” The Tiger Blog item cited Entertainment Tonight (“Some sources told the show they are living together in the Florida resort”), and was itself imported from the British Sun, another of Rupert Murdoch’s holdings.

We’ve heard of journalism’s fabled wall between editorial and advertising, but the Post seems to have erected a wall between editorial and editorial.



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