Rush Limbaugh “In Serious Condition” at Hospital with Chest Pains; Twitter Blows Up


Rush Limbaugh is said to have been admitted to The Queen’s Medical Center, a hospital in Honolulu, with chest pains and in “serious” condition. The call for medical assistance came around quarter to three this afternoon from the Kahala Hotel and Resort, where he had been vacationing.

More as it develops.

Update: Reports of change of status vary: one blog says “serious/critical,” another says “stable.”

Update 2: CNN’s Ed Henry says The Queen’s MC is 45 minutes from Limbaugh’s resort, but he was routed there for “state of art emergency care.”

Update 3: Twitter on Limbaugh is a mess, with opponents generally making mean jokes and supporters generally offering prayers and denouncing opponents. Gawker reports a Free Republic prayer vigil is planned.

Update 4: Dick Morris announces a drive to have supporters “Change your avatar to Rush Limbaugh to show him your support! DRIVE LIBERALS CRAZY!”

Update 5: Sources tell Honolulu’s KITV that Limbaugh reported to medical personnel he was on “medication for a back problem.”

Update 6: Supporters are encouraged to light a digital candle for Limbaugh. Twibbon also engaged.

Update 7: Well, we’re up to the bogus death reports and people being passive-aggressively nice now; time to go to bed.

Next day Update: Limbaugh “resting comfortably.”



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