Two Terrible Aughties Trends Collide: Introducing Yoga for Foodies


Last week, Fork in the Road brought you news of cupcakes for dudes. This week in crossovers gone wrong, it’s Yoga for Foodies. Wellness expert and yogi David Romanelli (a.k.a. Yeah Dave), who is known for his yoga-and-chocolate and yoga-and-wine classes, has teamed up with Joy Pierson, co-owner of organic vegan restaurant Candle 79, for the event.

“Seeing what a piece of chocolate or a sip of wine can do in a post yoga state of mind, one can only imagine the power of a delicious meal experienced in an intensely present moment,” said Romanelli in a statement.

Yoga for Foodies, which takes place takes place January 22 at Exhale (980 Madison Avenue), starts with a one-hour Vinyasa class with music given by Romanelli, followed by a talk by Pierson on sustainability, eco-friendly food practices, and local farming. It ends with a meal and guided tasting: namaste meets bon appetit.


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