Wedding Present to Play 1989’s Bizarro In Its Entirety In the U.S. In April


As part of what David Gedge’s band is billing as a “21st anniversary tour.” This follows a 2007 tour in which the band also played their debut, 1987’s George Best, in full–so maybe we can count on a Seamonsters tour in a couple years? Bizarro is a weird one in this band’s catalogue–post C86 lo-fi pop, and a bit pre- the Steve Albini recorded Seamonsters, which showcased on record something that had always basically been true: the Wedding Present as raucous guitar band. Bizarro, the bridge, is actually as dense and full of rave-ups and break-ups as its successor, but less obviously so; one imagines it’ll be fun to play live.

First song “Brassneck” is one of the band’s all-time greats; expect “Box Elder,” the Wedding Present’s Pavement cover (included on the U.S. version of Bizarro), to show up in there somewhere as well. Guess this means Gedge’s recent references to Internet pornography and Seinfeld are getting a rest. Which is OK with us. Specific tour dates, including what we can only hope will be a New York engagement, coming soon. [Scopitones]

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