Who’s The Best Child Star of All Time?


Abigail Breslin made a spectacular child star at age 10 in the Oscar winning Little Miss Sunshine, and she’s now onto a full-fledged career as an adolescent, making even more movies than La Streep and heading to Broadway in a Miracle Worker revival that could turn her into the new Patty Duke.

Macaulay Culkin was also a fine young star at 10 when he helped make Home Alone a monster hit, though his Edvard Munchian open-mouth pose unfortunately made him fall prey to Michael Jackson’s friendship advances. (Kidding. Mac has nothing bad to say about Jackson. Or nothing much to say about it at all.)

But my top child movie star of all time has to be the obvious one–Shirley Temple, with her dimpled face and curly top twinkling so winningly in a succession of films that made her a veritable Duse of cuteness.

Child stars don’t get any better than that, though they often grow up to be Republicans.

Your favorite child star, boo-boo-pee-do?

Adam Sandler?

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