Yale-Harvard “Sissies” T-Shirt Pulled, Despite Long Ivy Tradition of Sissydom


GLBT activists have gotten Yalies to pull a t-shirt prepared for the Harvard-Yale game that quoted F. Scott Fitzgerald on the front, ” I think of all Harvard men as sissies,” and added on the back, “WE AGREE.”

We hate to align ourselves in any way with rightwing douchebags, but we think this is a bridge too far. While such a taunt might be construed, and happily, as homophobic at a game between, say, Skunk Holler Tech and Fritters (AL) A&M, we doubt very much students and alumni of the Ivies in question would do so, or start fistfights in retaliation (though we can’t speak for those brutes at Dartmouth).

And Harvard men have usually been rather sporting about their effete reputation, as the clip from Tom Lehrer shows. Why, they probably Prepped with some of the fellows on the other side, and will join them frequently at drinking establishments when they’re all working for investment banks in Manhattan, and share a laugh at how sissies of whatever sexual preference in fact run the world.


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