Celebrate New Year’s at Times Square Hotel Mass Kissing Event


If you don’t want to stand in the snow of Times Square tonight, or drink too much with friends and family, here’s a suggestion from Colgate : join them at the Doubletree Guest Suites on Broadway, where in partnership with New Year’s Nation they will hold a mass kissing event in pursuit of the Guinness World’s Record for “most people kissing simultaneously.” We guess that means you have to bring a partner, but hey, it’s New Year’s Eve — go to a shitty bar and pick one up!

Previous record attempts have been made at the Glastonbury Music Festival (sponsored by and elsewhere, but the current champs are 39,897 affectionate souls in Mexico City’s Plaza de la Constitucion, who made the grade last Valentine’s Day. They’re unlikely to beat that at the Doubletree Suites, but they probably will manage to whip up some publicity for the Colgate Wisp(TM) single-use mini-toothbrush, which is what this event is all about.

The publicist isn’t at her desk (4:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve? Come on!) so we don’t know if it’s gay-friendly.



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