The Year’s Biggest Product Launches; Tonight’s Most Elaborate NYE Dinners (Recession Be Damned)


Beef Products Inc. came up with the idea, eight years ago, to inject beef with ammonia in order to fight E. coli contamination. Now, the practice is being questioned.
[NY Times]

McDonald’s seems to be having trouble keeping its top executives. The chain lost two chief executives in a row to fatal illness in 2004, and now its No. 2, Ralph Alvarez, who was seen as a likely successor to the current CEO, has left the company.
[NY Times]

Bay Area restaurants that allow diners to BYOB are finally starting to waive their corkage fees as a way to boost business. The area has about half the percentage of free-corkage restaurants than there are in New York.
[Wall Street Journal]

A roundup of the biggest product launches of the year includes McDonald’s McCafe line of espresso drinks, Starbucks’ instant coffee, and KFC’s grilled chicken.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Despite the difficult year for restaurants that saw many closures and scaled back menus, many restaurants will host the usual intricate New Year’s Eve dinner, such as Aureole, which will charge $650 for a five-course meal of tuna sashimi, Canadian lobster, and N.Y. strip.


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