New York

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin Win!


They definitely beat RYAN SEACREST and HIS New Year’s Eve coverage.

KATHY was manically chatty as usual, serving Poppers jokes and telling ANDERSON her resolution was “To get you to say ‘balls’ more,” as the silver fox giggled like a schoolboy.
As if things weren’t foofy enough, they’d cut to segments with LANCE BASS, with his charming new face, and to a drag CHER impersonator in Key West or even a clip of SUZE ORMAN!
Meanwhile, over on the big channel, the overly processed SEACREST was joined by the new Hootie and the Blowfish (i.e., DAUGHTRY) and a rather wan J.LO, and kept asking people in the crowd where their opposite-sex lovers were. (If it was a girl, he’d say, “Where’s your boyfriend?” and vice versa.)
Tired. Dated. Andy and Kathy are the only male-female team I can take.

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