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Chertoff uses former job to promote undisclosed client | Village Voice


Chertoff uses former job to promote undisclosed client


Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has been making the media rounds since the Christmas terror attempt promoting wider use of full-body scanning in airports to keep us safe in the skies. According to the Washington Post, he’s also been promoting a client. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been talking about that part.

Rapiscan, which until recently was the only company qualified to sell full-body scan machines to the TSA, has been a client of the Chertoff Group since the former Secretary left his post. He first disclosed the relationship in response to a direct question on CNN Wednesday. The Chertoff Group has not released a list of their clients.

Chertoff claims that full-body scanning would have caught the bomb Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had in his underwear (here, in the New York Times, where his conflict was not disclosed). Some experts disagree.

Chertoff’s relationship with Rapiscan was revealed in a note at the bottom of his most recent stab at the subject. Ironically, that piece was on the opinion page of the same issue of the Washington Post. If you missed it, he’s scheduled to appear on Meet the Press tomorrow morning.

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