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2009 Darwin Award Winners Blew Up ATM, Building, Themselves


The 2009 Darwin Awards have been announced, and we would like to congratulate the grand prize winners, though they are deceased.

Back in September, two robbers in Dinant, Belgium attempted to open an ATM with dynamite, but succeeded in blowing up much of the bank in which the ATM was housed, as well as themselves. A third person is suspected to have been involved and to have escaped, which makes him a front-runner for next year’s awards.Some reports have the ATM remaining intact after the explosion, which sounds just too perfectly Wile E. Coyote, but will nonetheless be the version we repeat to people at parties.

Runner-ups include a North Carolina woman who drowned trying to rescue her moped from a creek (directly after having been saved from the creek by police) and a Florida man who, attempting to “take a leak” on a crowded highway, jumped out of his car and over a wall, falling 65 feet to his death.



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