Chinatown Brasserie’s Joe Ng Will Open New Restaurant, Adding Fuel to the Fire of Our Visual Dim Sum Dictionary


Back in September, news broke that the Chinatown Brasserie would undergo a makeover, with its chef, Joe Ng, staying on to cook his vaunted dim sum in the restaurant’s basement. Now, La Fabricant reports that Ng is teaming with Ed Schoenfeld to open Red Farm, an American-Asian spot on Hudson Street.

Schoenfeld, a restaurant consultant and so-called Chinese Food Curator, told the Times that the restaurant will serve such unusual dim sum as saffron soup dumplings and Peking duck sliders, and will hopefully have delivery service.

In addition to opening Red Farm, Ng will retain his position as head chef at Chinatown Brasserie; the restaurant that Lure owner Josh Pickard will open in that restaurant’s old upstairs home has yet to be named.

No word yet on when Red Farm will open, but our Visual Dim Sum Dictionary can hardly wait.


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