New York

Espada Parks By Fire Hydrant in Bronx! Ticketing Not Observed!


Good work, citizen journalists! The Bronx’s Boogie Downer finds state senator Pedro Espada’s Mercedes Benz parked “in front of our building” right next to a fire hydrant, and apparently indemnified against ticketing by a police vehicle ID visible through the windshield, which “allowed [Espada] to endanger Bedford Park residents’ lives by blocking the hydrant without even so much as the threat of a ticket landing on his car.”

BD also reports that “the vehicle was not parked overnight,” and perhaps removed to Mamaroneck, where some people think he really lives. The Boogie Downers, who often have trouble finding a parking spot in their neighborhood, are “not surprised at all, but angry nonetheless.”

Hey, think the Post will pick this up? Espada, one of the architects of last summer’s Albany Coup, was most recently noticed by Julia trying to con constituents with a landlord-friendly “rent freeze.”

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