Governor, Rev. Al Team Up to Ruin Drinking at Bodegas


Our local bodega is a lively place, where neighbors often gather to drink beer by the pet food shelves, which are near el baño. Maybe we shouldn’t have mentioned that, as Governor Paterson, with the support of Reverend Al Sharpton, has vowed to send State Liquor Authority inspectors to harass them for selling alcoholic drinks.

As is customary in such nanny-state interventions, a specific, exotic menace targeting children is named: NYPD tells the Daily News they’ll send undercover agents to bust shops for selling a sweet punch spiked with vodka which the paper and, for all we know, others call Nutcracker.

“‘They are poppin’. They get you sauced,’ said Shaquel, a 15-year-old who declined to give his last name,” reports the News.

There is such a thing as Nutcracker Tropical Fruit Liqueur, but the bodegas are said to sell a homemade version.

Reverend Al says he may “organize parent squads to go in and protest the stores” that sell these beverages to children. We have never seen minors getting sauced on poppin’ drinks around this way, but it is indeed a wide world and we admit such things may happen.

We also expect SLA agents who fail to convince bodegamen to sell them Nutcracker will bust them anyway for allowing open container among adults if they see it, and fine them heavily, which we suspect this moral crusade is really about. Image (cc) Diego Cupolo.

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