Kubo-chan Ramen: New Ramen Pops Up Inside Murray Hill’s Moco


Some people quit their corporate jobs to pursue their restaurant dreams, but Hiroshi Kubo is a Japanese businessman who decided to keep his “salaryman” day job, while making his ramen at night, sharing space at Moco Global Dining, a Japanese-fusion restaurant in Murray Hill.

Kubo studied ramen-making for a decade, including a ramen boot camp held by a Japanese noodle company on Shikoku Island in Japan. Now he’s finally going pro with his Kubo-chan Ramen pop-up inside Moco.

Kubo makes two kinds of ramen: shoyu (soy sauce flavor) and shio (salt flavor). He makes the broth by simmering together pork, chicken, and various dried seafood, and offers the ramen topped with chashu pork, negi (giant Japanese scallion), and seasoned bamboo shoots.

The bowls are $12 each and are served from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily, but next Tuesday, January 12th, Kubo-chan Ramen is throwing a kind of coming-out party at Moco, offering the ramen for half price from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., along with drink specials.

Kubo’s representative, Kazuko Nagao, noted that Kubo is not only a businessman by day, ramen-maker by night, but also is a devoted jazz musician. No word on when he finds the time.

516 Third Avenue


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