New Year’s Eve Party Crawl Photos: Cake Shop, Home Sweet Home, Shea Stadium


Yes, bleary-eyed, Resolution-abiding, returned-to-work masses, this is what your weekday life is really like. But before we all slip back into the morass of parasitic assholes and mindless tasks, let’s take a minute to remember exactly what notions of beauty and ambition and excitement filled your head on New Year’s Eve. The novel you’re going to write. The idea you’re going to sell. The Jersey Shore cast member you’re going to marry. It’s 2010 and this is the rest of your life.

Meanwhile, as you were lost in delusions of grandeur, SOTC photographer Rebecca Smeyne was out leapfrogging from the Cake Shop, where Talk Normal, Screaming Females, and Frankie and the Outs all played, to Home Sweet Home for Jonathan Toubin’s New York Night Train party to Shea Stadium, where at some early morning hour, a guy in Blastoids poured paint on his drums. If you were at any of these shows, you probably don’t remember what it looked like anyway. Here you are.

Cake Shop

Home Sweet Home

Shea Stadium

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