New York

New York Is Nice Again!


No, it’s not me who’s saying that, mind you. But two friends separately swung into the city recently and noticed a distinct change of tone in the air.

Thanks to the economic crisis, my pals found way less of a privileged, uptight, stick-up-the-ass edge to everyone’s demeanor.

The monetary fear and humility ushered in by the last year have apparently brought out an openness and warmth that had gone missing here for a long time–in fact, since 9-11 woes evaporated and Gothamites went back to their daily, pampered drudgery and ‘tude copping.

If this is true, I’m thrilled that we’re no longer going to be known as the queens of mean.

Let’s have a group hug–and not to steal each other’s wallets!

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