Oh Yes, There Will Be Brisket: Fatty ‘Cue New Year’s Eve Preview Lives Up to the Hype


As promised, Fatty Crab and Fatty Crab UWS previewed the Fatty ‘Cue menu on New Year’s Eve. Fork in the Road happened to stop in to the West Village location for a taste of the much-hyped dishes on offer, including the justifiably ballyhooed brisket.

Diners had the option to sample the brisket, a smoked crab soup, or a clams-and-bacon dish, each priced at $19 and shareable. The brisket, rubbed with garlic, shallots, young ginger, palm sugar, fish sauce, coconut milk, chilies, lime zest, salt, and pepper, and served with fluffy bao, was a satisfying combination of sweet and tangy, with just a tinge of heat, and adequately fatty. The clams came in an unapologetically spicy broth of various bones (lamb, pork, chicken, and duck) with generous chunks of house-smoked bacon, and a slab of toast for dipping. The three dishes left a number of people hungry for more — if not reaching for water. Those who had only the ‘Cue to sip on — a house cocktail made with overproof Demerara rum, smoked pineapple syrup, and some unknown spices — were wishing they’d just ordered beer.


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