Strange Cookie Appears on Eighth Avenue


The window of Sweetie Pie Coffee Shop glows with pink neon late into the night.

I was propelling against a strong headwind last night down Eighth Avenue from 14th Street, when I did a double-take…

Amid a normal looking assortment of cookies–one with Oreos deeply imbedded in its flesh.

There in the window was a very unusual cookie. It appeared to be chocolate chip, but had Oreo cookies broken into fragments sticking out like snakes from Medusa’s head. I’d been by the bakery called Sweet Heart Coffee Shop many times before, but had always shied away due to the unappealing appearance of the cookies and other baked goods; this time I had to go in.

The shop was somewhat disheveled, and crooked chalked signs advertised several types of baked goods. The savory branch of baking was held down by a series of empanadas, some with non-typical fillings. The cookies tended to be big and heavy, baked a deep brown, and on the expensive side.


I told the guy at the counter I wanted the Oreo-studded cookie, and he handed me a tissue and paper bag, so that I could fetch my own from the window display. When I got it home, the cookie wasn’t all that good. The chocolate chips were very small, the cookie sort of hard and tasting vaguely of almond oil or marzipan–even though a bite failed to convince me there was any actual marzipan in there.

So I’m not advocating you buy the cookie for $2.75, but if you do, it sure will be fun to show it to your friends. I can’t think of a better example of the today’s wild improvisatory style of cooking gone astray. 69 Eighth Avenue, 212-807-1125

Now that I think of it, the cookie looks like the battered face of a prize fighter.


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