The Pink Tea Cup Will Not Close: Saved by Owner of Actors’ Playhouse


It looks like the Pink Tea Cup will live to see another year. According to a press release sent out by Save the Pink Tea Cup, a group formed after the announcement of the restaurant’s imminent demise, Lawrence Page, the owner of the Actors’ Playhouse, has partnered with the Tea Cup’s manager to buy and operate the West Village stalwart.

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Page and Vincent Pinkney, the Pink Tea Cup’s plan to retain the 15-person staff, and are in the process of determining whether to relocate the 55-year-old restaurant from its current Grove Street location, which it has occupied since 1982.

This isn’t the first time Page has stepped in to prevent a West Village institution from closing: in 2008, the independent filmmaker, who’s directed music videos for Jay-Z, re-opened the Actors’ Playhouse on Seventh Avenue South.

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